RINZ. offers a variety of services that can help you shape your ideas to professional sounding songs!


From the first word written, the first note sung, the first chord played, until the upload to Spotify, the submission for a label or the independent distribution of the finalised product, RINZ. can help you on every step of the line to make your musical vision come true.

Vocal Recording

Setting up the mic and pressing record is just one thing. Capturing the right emotion and intention in a voice is another. Creating a clear and crisp foundation for the mixing engineer is what the focus is on! RINZ. can also help you compose and record harmonies for your vocals.


Mixing is an essential part of the process of creating the right sound of your record! Even though it is very much a technical process, every mixing engineer has his own task and style. Check the Productions and Collection to hear "the sound" of RINZ. 


The last step of the chain. Making it sound clean and thick, setting the levels right, preparing the product for all digital distribution platforms. Contact RINZ. for his rates.


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Let's Connect

Do you have questions or want to collaborate on a new project? Reach out, and let's make music happen. 


Petmolen 58, 1035 Amsterdam, Netherlands

When can I book a session?

Generally it is recommended to plan 2 weeks in advance. Otherwise a session might not be possible.